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The Canada Winter Games from PEI

BC Team Results

The 2023 Canada Winter Games from PEI has come to an end. From the fabulous opening ceremonies to the final thank you’s and goodbye’s, this was likely the best run Canada Games we’ve seen in this country. The main reason for this assessment was the extensive online coverage and live steaming available for every sport that brought the drama of the games directly into each Canadian household. This made it possible for anyone to feel like they were right there for all the action and to cheer for their teams from the comfort of home. The BCTTA would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the hard-working volunteers, officials and technicals crews who made these games a success. Well done! The best games EVER!

That said, let’s get to the heart of these games for BC table tennis fans. How did our BC table tennis team contingent do at these games? According to BCTTA president Amelia Ho, the team did well and met expectations. “This team trained very hard and were well-prepared to do their best. I am very pleased with the outcomes”. From the POV from those at home following the action on the edge of their seats, the people we spoke to agreed with Amelia’s assessment. There were some nerves, yes, but it was easy to see how each member of the team was bringing their best game to each match.

How did each team member do at the Games?

We have posted the results for each member of the BC Junior table tennis team below. Once again, may we extend our gratitude to the CWG Committee whose thoughtful planning includes tools like GEMS.pro, the all-in-one games and event management system. This feature, available through the CWG website, allows viewers to follow each athlete’s progress through the games. We’ve taken the liberty of screenshooting our BC team’s results and compiling the info below. In a total of 7 events, we won 6 medals out of 7!

Men's TeamBronzeDavid Mandelstam, Zonggang (Terry) Li
Women's TeamBronzeSofia Li, Louis Fan
Men's DoublesBronzeDavid Mandalstam, Zonggang (Terry) Li
Women's DoublesBronzeSofia Li, Louise Fan
Mixed DoublesBronzeDavid Mandalstam, Sofia Li
Women's SinglesBronzeSofia Li

Photographing Table Tennis at the Canada Winter Games

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the very busy photographers who covered table tennis at these games. The logistics of shooting a tournament of this size and, in the end, to have fully represented all the action must have been complicated. The work of these photographers allows those of us reporting on the games a precise visual narrative to add depth to our post-games coverage and analysis.