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The header image shows the BC Men's Team from 1978 away from the drama of competition at the Canadian Nationals in Regina, Saskatchewan. L to R: Eddy Lo, Zoltan Pataki, Juggy Padda, Gary Wilcox, Gerry (Certainly Sir) Hamer and Peter Joe, CEO of Sunrise Soya Foods

In celebration of the long history of table tennis in BC, we invite you to share your pictures, memories and experiences. Click here for more!

Photos from BC Table Tennis

Updated: February 26, 2023 – When the BCTTA launched a new website earlier in February, we wanted to carry over important assets from our previous website. The most valued of these assets were links to sets of images taken at tournaments and uploaded to online galleries. These image sets, shared mainly by Amelia Wang, cover a wide array of table tennis competitions spanning nearly 10 years. Looking at the earliest images, we witness talented young players like Ivy Liao grow up over time to become national champions competing on the world stage.

Our latest set of image is from the 2023 Canada Winter Games from PEI. For these images, we have to thank the CWG organizing committee for stationing excellent photographers at every sport at the games. A big shout-out to those photographers who covered the table tennis tournament: Lorraine Clements, Nash Alonto, Lynda Morgan, Kenneth Dowling, Erin Van Driel, Corinne Bosch, Katherine Drake, Apurva Patel, Mostafa Alizadegan, Ricky Zhu, Aline Ribeiro, and Lina Daas. Your work is much appreciated!

BCTTA Table Tennis Photo Galleries


2023 Canada Winter Games


2021 Canadian Championships


2019 Canadian Junior Championships

ITTF Junior Circuit, Chile Junior & Cadet Open

2019 Canada Winter Games


2018 Canadian Nationals, July 3

2018 Canadian Nationals, July 4

2018 Canadian Nationals, July 5

2018 Canadian Nationals, July 7, Set A

2018 Canadian Nationala, July 7, Set B

2018 Canadian Nationals, July 8, Set A

2018 Canadian Nationals, July 8, Set B

2018 Canadian Nationals, Winners

2018 Canadian Nationals, Staff

2018 Butterfly BC Open

2018 Vancouver Open
+ Elementary Schools

2018 Butterfly Canada Cup


2017 Butterfly BC Open

2017 Richmond Open

2017 Celebration of
Volunteers' Services

2017 Butterfly Canada Cup


2016 Pan-Asia Pacific Open

2016 Rio Paralympian Stephanie CHAN

2016 America Masters Games, Day 1

2016 America Masters Games, Day 2

2016 America Masters Games, Day 3

2016 America Masters Games, Medals Presentation

2016 ITTF North America Cup

2016 Pan-Am Juniors, Day 1

2016 Pan-Am Juniors, Day 2

2016 Pan-Am Juniors, Day 6

2016 Butterfly Vancouver Open

2016 VADTTL Richmond Winter League

2016 Vancouver Open

2016 Richmond Open


2015 Canada Cup, Day 1

2015 Canada Cup, Day 2

2015 Butterfly Canadian Nationals

2015 Butterfly Vancouver Open

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