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About the BCTTA

For nearly 50 years…

Founded in 1960 and incorporated in 1974, the British Columbia Table Tennis Association (BCTTA) is a registered non-profit provincial sport organization dedicated to the promotion of the sport of table tennis in the province of British Columbia

The BC table tennis team at the Nationals in Regina, Saskatchewan, in 1978. Left to right: Nimi Atwal, Pirello Smith, Peter Joe, Helen S., Eddie Lo, Juggy Padda, Zoltan Pataki, Gary Wilcox, Chandra Madhosingh, Frank Karika. Photo credit: William Vrabel

The BCTTA supports your development as a table tennis player, coach or official

Our Mission for Table Tennis in BC

We support ideas and initiatives relating to table tennis, and we support everyone engaged in the sport from beginners to the elite, may they be athletes, coaches, or officials. What does this mean for you as a table tennis player? When you join the BCTTA you tap into our decades of experience as administrators, promoters and supporters of the beautiful game. With our help, you can expect to grow as a player, coach or official. Once you become a member, we invite you to fully participate in the organization in whatever capacity you choose, as a player, as a coach or official, or as a member of the BCTTA board of directors.

1. Junior Development:

From early table tennis champions like the 1970's Eddie Lo and Peter Joe, to today's national champion, Ivy Liao, the BCTTA is committed to helping kids and youth reach their table tennis goals. It begins with outreach programs to elementary and secondary schools, and continues with fully-supported junior development programs for kids who choose to participate.

2. Athlete Development:

When we refer to "athlete" we mean adult table tennis players of all levels. From beginners to the highest level of play, the BCTTA is committed to creating opportunities for training and advancement in the sport. Join the BCTTA, improve your skills, develop and ranking and watch it grow. Take advantage of table-tennis related clinics, workshops, training and tournaments over the course of each year.

3. Senior Development:

Table tennis is considered by gerontologists to be a top activity for aging with capacity. It's easy to see this for yourself. Attend a session of the Killarney Table Tennis Club operating out of the community centre of the same name. Witness one player who attends regularly, Harry Woo. Mr. Woo is 96 years young and plays a fast over the table game with others one half his age. Look around the gym to see other examples of seniors fortified through the sport of tables tennis. Akin to the effects of dancing, table tennis strengthens a number of body systems that lose capacity when we age without activity. The positive effects of table tennis include coordination, balance, proprioception, shoulder mobility, core and leg strength. 

4. Table Tennis for Special Groups:

There are few sports with the universal accessibility of table tennis. Following a recent international PARA table tennis tournament in Costa Rica in December of 2022, the Canadian PARA Table Tennis team came home laden with medals, a payoff for the hard work of the athletes and their respective provincial table tennis associations. Included among those winners is BC's Stephanie Chan, supported and assisted by the BCTTA. Congratulations, Stephanie! If you or someone you know is a person with special needs with an interest in table tennis, please contact the BCTTA. We're here for you with decades of experience.

Coaching is instrumental in driving skills development at all levels of table tennis. The late Dr. Chandra Madhosingh remains a celebrated table tennis coach in BC. who created opportunities for generations of new young table tennis players through events like the annual British Columbia Secondary School Table Tennis Championship. Through this BCTTA-sponsored event alone, thousands of BC kids were introduced to table tennis. Many went on to become very successful, excelling at both the provincial and national level of the sport through the dual effects of a good coach and support from the BCTTA. As a player matures to join the field of adult players, coaching becomes even more essential as an ingredient in any recipe for success. An astute coach will analyze your game, highlighting both your strengths and weaknesses, and create a plan for you with short, medium and long term goals using testing and benchmarking along the way by which to measure your growth over time. The BCTTA supports and develops table tennis coaches much in the same way, through a yearly cycle of courses, events and workshops. Contact the BCTTA today to discover what table tennis coaching opportunities we are currently offering.

Officials are as important as athletes in the sport of table tennis. Umpires and referees are the arbiters of the sport. They ensure the game is fair for all players. With the recent loss of two respected officials, Chandra Madhosingh and Danny Lau, the BCTTA is determined to train and authorize the next generation of umpires and referees.

Our Vision for 2023

Central to the mission of the BCTTA is to expand the sport beyond the traditional boundaries of participation. In addition to our current outreach initiatives for the community at large, for 2023 the BCTTA will carry out a series of campaigns to promote table tennis to specific communities, namely indigenous communities, LGBTQI2S+ communities and new immigrants to BC.

This year, 2023, marks the 50th year of the BCTTA's involvement with the BC Secondary Schools Table Tennis Championships, aka the BCSSTTC. We recognize that we can do even better by working to promote table tennis in elementary schools and hope to have a plan in effect by year's end.

BCTTA Organization

The BCTTA has a decision-making Board of Directors. Within the Board of Directors, there is a Executive Committee (EC) which is comprised of the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary-Treasurer. The EC is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Association. Other committees form and are assigned directives according to need.

BCTTA President – Amelia Ho

Vice President – Sam Chen

Secretary – Ali C. S. Lee

Treasurer - Edward Wang

Director of Officials / Member Services – Edward Wang

Director of Competitions – Wilson Cai

Director of Communications – Sam Chen

Director of Junior Development – Tony Xu

Director of Ratings – Bernard Lau

Director of Large - Kevin Tsang
Director at Large – William Chan
Director at Large – Eric Choi
Director at Large – Vincent Tsang

BCTTA Revenue Streams

Funding is provided by the province of British Columbia, and occasionally by Hosting BC. Other revenues include membership fees, tournament fees, and program fees, and sponsorships.

Current BCTTA News and Events Information

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Join the British Columbia Table Tennis Association

Joining the BCTTA opens doors to the world of competitive play, as a player, or as an aspiring coach or official. As a player, you’ll develop a ranking, enjoy opportunities to improve your game through clinics, access to coaching, and training. As an aspiring coach or official, you’ll be able to ascend provincially and nationally through accredited courses offered and/or sanctioned by the BCTTA.

Participate in BCTTA sanctioned competitions

Play tournaments, develop an official  ranking

Grow your skills, signup for workshops to help your game

Your BCTTA membership opens doors to get involved


Current BCTTA Public Documents for 2024

Click on a list item or thumbnail to view and download any of the BCTTA’s Public Documents for 2024. Click on the last link in the list to request a document not listed here.

Most Updated Documents:

  1. Criminal Record Check Policy (Updated: Feb 2024)
    (Volunteer and Employee Screening)
  2. Discipline Appeal Policy (Updated: Feb 2024)
  3. Conflict Of Interest Policy (Updated: Feb 2024)
  4. BC Junior Team Selection Policy (Updated: Feb 2024)
  5. BC Team Selection Policy (Updated: Feb 2024)
  6. Fair Play Policy (Updated: Feb 2024)
  7.  Code Of Conduct Policy (Updated: Feb 2024)
  8.  BCTTA’s equity policy (Updated: Feb 2024)
  9. Harassment Policy (Updated: Feb 2024)