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British Columbia Table Tennis Association

BC Table Tennis Association
P. O. Box 35546, RPO Bridgeport,
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TT Development

The BCTTA provides a variety of pathways to succeed in table tennis

For young players including those just starting out, the BCTTA offers junior development training opportunities. For adult players looking to improve skills, including individuals with special needs, the BCTTA works to create opportunities to participate by staging competitions, offering clinics, camps, and programs designed to help you reach your table tennis goals. For those looking to become officials or coaches, the BCTTA has your back with programs and clinics each year.

Here you'll find up-to-date listings of all training opportunities for juniors, adults, seniors, and officials

The BCTTA supports your growth at any level of the game of table tennis. It doesn’t matter where you start or what your table tennis interests are, the BCTTA has your back. A seasoned veteran of the sport, a junior just starting out, a player in a wheelchair, a senior looking to use table tennis as a vehicle for healthy aging – everyone depends on accessing well-organized programs and focused development opportunities within their intended area of interest. Should you require or desire more from your BCTTA than what we currently offer, please use the form below to let us know how we could do better for your game. 

Our latest development opportunities

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All communications between you and the BCTTA is strictly confidential. We will not share your name or contact in formation with anyone without your permission.