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The first in a series of events for BCTTA members

Table Tennis Gear and Tax Planning Seminar

for your physical health and financial health

We invite BCTTA members to this unique seminar featuring two of your favourite things: table tennis and wealth planning. Kidding aside, staying healthy with table tennis pairs nicely with staying healthy financially with careful planning. This is particularly advantageous for those over 50 with more time to play and money to manage.

I. Keynote Speakers:

Mr. Shenglin Xian: President of Shenglin Financial, founder of Wealth One Bank of Canada, an expert in financial management. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Xian will share his insights on personal and company tax planning, and on designing the best personal retirement plans.

Tom Lai: An excellent table tennis coach and player, shares a wealth of table tennis knowledge, table tennis teaching skills and sport psychology.

Edward Wang: A table tennis lover and an expert in table tennis equipment with in-depth knowledge of all kinds of table tennis blades and rubbers.

II. Table tennis topics:

  • Table tennis blade types and how to select.
  • Difference type of table tennis rubbers and how to select
  • Typical rubbers and their specialty
  • Table tennis equipment display

III. Financial and tax planning topics:

  1. Assets inheritance in Canada
  2. Tax planning tips for self-employed people
  3. Tips for retirement planning
  4. Tax planning strategies for high income earners
  5. Tax planning/risk control strategies for business owners

Time: May 5, 2023, 2:45 pm-5:00 pm
Location: 150-10451 Shellbridge Way, Richmond, BC.
To register: There are limited spaces available.
Please reserve your seat today by clciking on the Register button above, or by calling Edward Wang at 604-278-5720.
Refreshments will be provided.