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British Columbia Table Tennis Association

BC Table Tennis Association
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Competition is at the beating heart of the sport of table tennis and it takes many forms. From overcoming the odds to beat your dad on your basement table, to embracing your fear of playing in front of others at a tournament. Healthy competition moves us forward in the game of table tennis and we can carry that desire to overcome the odds into daily life.

Let the BCTTA promote your upcoming table tennis tournament

Are you planning a table tennis tournament large or small? Sanctioned or unsanctioned? The BCTTA wants to provide a platform to advertise your event. Use the form below to tell the BCTTA all about your event. Be sure to complete all of the required fields before submitting. The more you tell us about your competition, the better. Once we receive your text, images and video links, we will create a post on our Competitions page to promote your event.

Please attach up to 6 promotional files below including images, logo (if applicable) and registration forms. Optimize all files so they are each less than 1MB in file size. Files accepted are: jpg, pdf