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British Columbia Table Tennis Association

BC Table Tennis Association
P. O. Box 35546, RPO Bridgeport,
Richmond BC, Canada, V6X4G6 

Table tennis clubs are welcoming, social, inclusive and there's one waiting for you:

Eddy Lo playing at Killarney Table Tennis Club

From my home north of Kamloops, I travel all around southwest BC visiting table tennis clubs mostly in small communities. The people I've met along the way are super friendly, very accommodating, and really enjoy a fast game of table tennis. These trips are the apex of my social life and fitness training!

Profile your table tennis club!

The BCTTA wants to profile your table tennis club. Take the time to fill in the form, attach images, include schedules, club info, everything anyone needs to plan a visit to your establishment. Please keep in mind that some form fields are mandatory, like including at least 2 photos, and these fields must be completed before the form can be sent. Once we receive your information, we’ll publish your profile on the Clubs page of this website so potential new members can check out your TT club.

Images, logos, schedules: please attach up to 6 files here. These can include image files (jpg) and schedule files (pdf). Note: max file size is 1MB; please use image editor to reduce file size if required.