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Frank, Mike, Danny, Chandra…

You encouraged us when we were beginners barely able to hold a racquet; you believed in us before we ourselves had the capacity; you held open the doors of possibility and helped us enter the arena; you worked without fanfare to keep the game fair; your positive energy filled every room you entered; you held a mirror so we could see our true selves beyond the competitor; you had a vision for the sport long before we were born; you who we call heroes of the sport; you whose love of the game taught us the about power of love in life. Thank you for everything.

Saying Goodbye to Those We've Lost

Over the past few years, the BCTTA and the BC table tennis community at large have lost several giants of the sport. Their collective lifetime contributions to the sport of table tennis in BC are incalculable and far-reaching. From nurturing athletes to placing the sport in the public spotlight, Frank, Mike, Danny and Chandra touched hearts and lives all along the way. We are better citizens, better competitors, better at living and better at playing from witnessing their constant examples.

Mike Grover

The BCTTA’s First President

Mike Grover passed away on April 6, 2021, peacefully while asleep. He was 87 years of age. He came to Vancouver in 1954 from Deal, near Dover in Kent, England. Mike worked for Central Mortgage and Housing (CM&H) located on 12th avenue, near Arbutus. His company competed in the Vancouver and District Table Tennis League (VDTTL) and he was his team’s captain. Later, he opened his own business — Grover & Elliott Property Appraisers. He became a member of the Board of Variance, among others.

He helped the League to expanded to four Divisions and in 1959 he was instrumental in transforming the VDTTL into a Provincial Organization. A General Meeting was held at the Dunbar Community Centre when he was elected to be the first B.C.T.T.A. president.

A Constitution and By-laws were drawn up based on the English T.T.A. but adopted to suit local problems. We were accepted and incorporated by the B.C. Government, making us an official organization. The first Board members were Geoff Williams, Art Barran, Jim Benny, Gerry Addy, Matt Parlievliett, myself and Mike Grove (President).

The following year (1960) BCTTA sent a few players to compete at the National Championships held in Toronto (CNE), and we had the National Champion, in Ladies’ Singles — Joy Owens — another First!

For the last few years Mike played recreational table tennis at Brock House and Kerrisdale Community Centre in Vancouver. In 2019, he has a heart attack. A stent was inserted, and he was administered medication. Mike started to lose his memory in 2020 and was still under medication. Dementia set in early in 2021 and was in a rest home for a couple of months until he passed away on April 6. He was known as a “happy, energetic and wonderful person”, and the Table Tennis Community will certainly miss him.

Thanks to Geoff Williams and Connie Ratzlaff for their input.

“May he rest in peace”.

Obit prepared by:
Dr Chandra Madhosingh

Coach Frank Karika and members of the BC table tennis contingent in 1978 at the Canadian Nationals in Regina (L to R, Bill Vrabel, Juggy Padda, Frank Karika, Gary Wilcox, Don Marquart, Eddie Lo)

Frank Karika

Coach, Player and Mentor

On behalf of our club and all our members we have rather sad news to share today. A long time friend, player, dedicated soul of table tennis Frank Karika had passed away this morning, January 25, 2021. He had dedicated his life to development of table tennis in BC , as well as in Canada and he was actively coaching seniors for the last 6 years in our club until last few months when he fell sick.

Obit prepared by:
Luba Sadovska,
North Shore Table Tennis Club

This is very sad news. Frank was a pioneer of table tennis in B.C. Frank was not only a very good TT player, he was also an elite level water-polo athlete.

I remember Frank very well as coach of the BC team at national events. He was also the assistant coach of the Canadian National team that toured Japan in 1974 of which I was a member.

On behalf of Table tennis Canada, I offer our sincere condolences to Frank’s family and to BCTTA.

May his soul rest in peace.

Obit prepared by:
Adham Sharara,

Table Tennis Canada Tennis De Table

I knew Frank and Chandra were the pioneers of table tennis in B.C. Frank was the professional official in table tennis. It’s a very sad news to me. On behalf BCTTA I offer our sincere condolences to Frank’s family. May his soul rest in peace.

Obit prepared by:
Amelia Ho,


I reconnected with the game 45 years after the BC Junior Table Tennis team, of which I was a member, won the Canadian National Junior Table Tennis Championships in July of 1977. Just as I picked up my racquet again, the news of Frank’s passing reached me. I was a few weeks too late to meet him again, just as I was reconnecting with teammates from all those years ago.

Frank Karika played an important role in my life as a player and as a teenager without a father. Frank was my coach and he cared about me as a player and as a young person about to become an adult. I can see him now in my mind’s eye as I write, he’s crouched beside me, looking at me with his brown eyes always lively and full of emotion, providing at times advice about the game and at other times advice about life, always ending with a squeeze of my shoulder and the words, “OK, let’s go, boys!” These were fleeting moments and I secretly cherished them. Frank would have been my father’s age, and I welcomed his avuncular energy. Frank was this way with all my teammates. All of us young lads were encouraged and supported by his dedication to the sport of table tennis, and he helped us to grow into young adults.

Thank you Frank for being there for me.

Obit prepared by:
William (Bill) Vrabel,
Former BC Junior Team member

Danny Lau

He shared his passion for table tennis with so many…

It is sad to announce that our respectful and beloved Mr. Danny Lau passed away on June 8th, 2022 at Richmond General Hospital. Danny had enjoyed a full life of 82 years! Danny has served 22 years on the BCTTA Board. During this time, Danny has dedicated a lot of time to Officiating Tournaments, Umpire Education, and Volunteer Coaching in Communities, Schools, and Senior Societies. His passion and commitment to the Sport of Table Tennis were highly praised and recognized! With his passing, it is a big loss to BCTTA and the Table Tennis Community! Danny will be missed and remembered forever!

Obit prepared by:
Amelia Ho,