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British Columbia Table Tennis Association

BC Table Tennis Association
P. O. Box 35546, RPO Bridgeport,
Richmond BC, Canada, V6X4G6 

2024 Richmond Table Tennis Spring League --- Sanctioned (**)

Every Tuesday evening from 6:00pm, starting Jan 30, 2024

The Richmond Table Tennis League invites all competitive players to get together with friends to form teams for 2024 Spring League. The deadline for entering your team is 5:00 pm on Thursday Jan 18th, 2024 with league play commencing on Jan 30th. The Spring league is limited to a maximum of 6 teams in each of three divisions, the limited of players is 6 for each team, three players per team per league night. Teams are welcome to join on a first come, first served-basis.

The Richmond Table Tennis Spring League matches take place at 6pm Tuesday evenings starting Jan 30 at Bridgeport Sports Club, 11660 Bridgeport near No. 5 Road. The 14,000 sq. ft. facility is equipped with Butterfly table tennis equipment tables, meeting or exceeding the ITTF standard, it’s well-lighted and features a maple sprung gym floor.

2023 Richmond Table Tennis Winter League

DIV 1 & DIV 2 Winners