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British Columbia Table Tennis Association

BC Table Tennis Association
P. O. Box 35546, RPO Bridgeport,
Richmond BC, Canada, V6X4G6 

Thank you for buying our branded clothing and memberships, and for supporting programs and events sponsored by your BCTTA! All proceeds from the sale of the BCTTA Shop products go towards BCTTA programs and events. Wear the BCTTA brand to show you love table tennis!

BCTTA Annual Membership

Your new BCTTA Membership connects you with opportunities to develop your table tennis game, train to become a table tennis coach, and study to become a table tennis referee or umpire. As a player, you gain experience through participating in BCTTA sanctioned tournaments and you’ll develop a ranking that you’ll build on over time. As a player training to become a coach, through your BCTTA Membership you’ll benefit from participating in courses, live and online, through provincial and national agencies while you gain accreditations along the way. As someone interested in becoming a referee, your BCTTA Membership connects you with experienced professionals who know the game at the highest levels of adjudication. Your BCTTA Membership also pays for itself each year when you take advantage of exclusive discounts at local businesses!

BCTTA Membership – Details:

  • The purchaser agrees to abide by all the BCTTA rules and regulations hereby releases the BCTTA from any liability for loss, damages or injury that may result from my/our participation in any and all BCTTA activities.
  • Acceptance of membership is subject to the approval by the BCTTA Board of Directors
  • Membership Fee Structure:
    1. For Voting Membership –
    Fees including $3.00 administration fee =$ 43.00
    2. For Non-Voting Membership –
    Fees including $3.00 administration fee = $ 33.00
  • Memberships extend from Sept 1 to Aug 31 of the following year
  • Stay tuned for a full list of sponsors where your BCTTA Membership will access you discounts from 10% to 25%


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