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Senior Development

Table tennis is a perfect sport to help you stay in shape in your senior years…

The British Columbia Table Tennis Association (BCTTA) recognizes the benefits of table tennis for senior populations such as improved balance, coordination and fitness. We strive to create opportunities for seniors to thrive in the sport

Keeping seniors in the game!

The benefits of table tennis for senior populations have long been known. Seniors who engage regularly in table tennis demonstrate improved balance, coordination, leg and core strength. To see for yourself, visit the North Shore Table Tennis Club (NSTTC) in North Vancouver and talk with coach and club owner Luba Sadovsky about the overall health and happiness status of her large senior membership. Luba witnesses first hand every day the transformative effects of table tennis on older people over time. “I have never seen a group of people so happy and engaged with life”.

All over BC, seniors are embracing the sport, meeting others and sharing in the positive atmosphere that a game of table tennis generates. You cannot help smile yourself looking at the beaming perma-smiles of players and community coaches Sherri and Carol from the Summerland Table Tennis Club. Or check out the action and listen to the laughter pouring out of the gym at Killarney Community Centre whenever Danny Ho’s Killarney Table Tennis Club meets. With an average age of over 65, this large group of seniors checks all the boxes for healthy active aging: social engagement, excellent balance, leg strength, agility and mobility. Contact the BCTTA if you’re a senior looking for a place to play table tennis, or if you’re a group of seniors hoping to start a TT club. We are here to help your table tennis dreams become a reality.

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