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Table tennis is a sport with few barriers to access. A pair of racquets, a ball, and access to a table, indoors or outdoors, is all you need. The instant benefits of a game of ping pong are social, physical and mental at any level of engagement.

BCTTA: Our Vision for 2023

On a world scale, table tennis is a popular sport. It’s estimated that over 350 million people worldwide enjoy table tennis regularly, mostly in European and Asian countries. Beyond the players, there are those who watch the sport. According to the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) nearly 1 billion people watched their three main 2022 events – the World Championship Finals, the WTT Championships, and the WTT Cup Finals.

How popular is table tennis here in BC? Really popular, according to this October 9, 2017 article by Frances Bula from the Globe and Mail. Over the past few years, table tennis has made the leap from dingy basements and exclusive competitions to become part of the recreation mainstream. Websites devoted to promoting the local table tennis scene have appeared. One such website is PingPongInVancouver.com. The website lists a growing number of places to play both indoors and outdoors while advocating for table tennis tables to be added to Vancouver parks so that citizens can have easy access to infrastructure for a sport that’s easily accessible by anyone.

With the increasing popularity of table tennis and few barriers to access, conditions are perfect for the BCTTA to launch our new campaign. Our goal is to promote table tennis in general and to foster increased participation among indigenous communities, LGBTQI2S+ communities, and new immigrants to BC.

We hope to publish a broad plan to increase organized participation in table tennis in BC by mid-March here on the BCTTA website.

In 2023, BCTTA will carry out a series of campaigns to promote table tennis to specific communities, namely indigenous communities, LGBTQI2S+ communities and new immigrants to BC. Read our general guideline to help BCTTA launch the campaign.

Ping Pong for All People

Are you a member of an indigenous community, the LGBTQI2S+ communities, or a new immigrant to BC and you have an interest in table tennis? Let us know what the BCTTA can do to support your development at any level of the sport!

All communications between you and the BCTTA is strictly confidential. We will not share your name or contact in formation with anyone without your permission.