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BCTTA News: October 1975

From the BCTTA Archives… is this 12-page, first edition of the BCTTA News from October 1975. This new publication sports a new header and a name change from LeTTers to something with fewer expectations, and inside you’ll read how moments before the new editors were to take over from Eric and Beth Calveley, both potential “penholders”  left town for the east. This and more intrigue inside:

  • Eric’s edge-of-your-seat, play-by-play of the Vancouver City Open finals match, an epic battle between Juggy Padda and Jeff Woo
  • An promo for a match between juniors from China and Canada
  • The CTTA arrives in Vancouver with national head coach, Zlatko Cordas for a week filled with events and table tennis promotions
  • Stop the press: the new BCTTA News editors defect before even starting work
  • The BCTTA’s report to the AGM of the CTTA: in which a non-playing vice president, Christie Jung was introduced as saving the day with his efforts; and table tennis gets onto local cable TV through the efforts of Chandra Madhosingh
  • Timeless suggestions for organizers of table tennis tournaments
  • A letter to editor from the Ferndale Washington Table Tennis Club with praise for efforts in BC to promote table tennis, but also some criticism for the lack of competitions that include less skilled players. Inclusion is extremely important in this day when it comes to building the sport of table tennis in BC!
  • The BCTTA Annual President’s Report from Dan Gentry, a window into the workings and efforts of the BCTTA of the day
  • Chandra’s Junior Development column
  • Pacific North West Rankings list
  • BC Rankings list
  • Art Ngai provides a detailed summary of national coach, Zlatko Cordas’ visit to BC
  • Art Ngai, the BCTTA Coaching Director, provides a synopsis on coaching activity in BC
  • A summary of the CTTA’s Annual General Meeting, held in Vancouver
  • Eric Calveley’s engaging recap of the Seafair Open in Seattle
  • Peter Joe wins Paddle Palace’s Pepsi-Cola Open
  • Detailed V&DTT League news and more from Len Lukey-Ott
  • Tournament schedule
  • Roland Bourassa writes to thank CTTA President Art Barran for a trip to the Canadian national Championships, and adds a complaint about juniors running wild at all hours and smoking
  • Eric Calveley’s sagacious essay on the dullness of doubles caused by the “alternation rule”
  • Don Marquardt’s list of radio and Television sports department contacts
  • Art Ngai recounts his recent victories in an article titled, “Senior Success”
  • Canada downed 5-1 in the North American Table Tennis League
  • Tournament results: Vancouver City Open
  • Announcing the line-up for the Premier Division’s Ward Cup competition
  • Job listing: the ITTF needs a Secretary General at $8000 CAN per year
  • A call out for coaches