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Peter Joe won the B.C. closed over Juggy Padda at Brittania December 11. Juggy, defending his title, seemed to be playing as well as ever, but Peter controlled the match for a 2-0 victory. Perhaps his experience at the world's has added something permanent to the level of his game

BCTTA News: December 1977

From the BCTTA Archives is this rather slim edition of the BCTTA News from December of 1977 featuring a cover story of Peter Joe’s domination at the BC Closed Table Tennis tournament, and an article reprint from a Chinese sports magazine written by the current world champion of the days, Kuo Yao-Hua. This edition also contains what the author describes as the worst table-tennis-themed crossword puzzle in the world. Inside are:

  • A report on Peter Joe’s easy win over Juggy Padda at the BC Closed
  • Dan Riley and Willy Chang team up to reprint world champion Kuo Yao-Hua’s instructions for executing killer loops
  • Tournament reports on the Hong Kong Invitational TT tourney, the China Closed and the French International Invitiational
  • The worst crossword ever created for you to enjoy going mad while attempting to solve it
  • An article from the editor titled, “Strategy in table Tennis”
  • New Rules: a revision of the good service rule
  • An introduction to the National Coaching Apprenticeship Program
  • A listing of coaching certification programs
  • The best prices for table tennis gear you’ve ever seen brought to you by Peter Smith
  • The BCTTA Executives list for 1977
  • Scheduled tournaments including those at Portland’s paddle Palace
  • Operational notes on the Vancouver Table Tennis Club


Big congrats to Mr. Anson Lam, who was the TTCAN year of 2023 Volunteer recipient.

Anson has been involved as a volunteer in the sport of table tennis since he was at high school and until the present. He is a role model for the younger generation who has a great passion and enthusiasm in our sport and contributing a lot in helping others.

Well done and keep it up.