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There were clues for the wary. But that day, to its shame, LeTTers slumbered. What clues? Notably a draw sheet , torn to shreds and scattered all over the floor; Frank Karika's raised voice (Who heard? What did he say?); a whispered alcove meeting, and a dark-browed Kish marching out the door. LeTTers slept on…

BCTTA LeTTers: November 1974

From the BCTTA Archives… is this 12-page, 9th edition of the BCTTA LeTTers publication from November 1974, with editor-in-chief Eric Calveley at his satyrical and journalistic best. This represents one of the biggest LeTTers editions from its limited run, with detailed tournament reports, an expanded editorial section, and many letters to the editor. The publication’s run shows a remarkable degree of giving-back in the form of volunteer hours from certain passionate players. Eric Calveley and his wife Beth poured hundreds of hours per year into the publication. For our website, now an online version of all the publications that came before, we can set a goal to try to exemplify the same dedication and service to reporting on the table tennis scene in BC. Also inside are:

  • The edition starts with a humorous editorial from Eric on missing a scoop
  • Super League Report: the domination of Zoltan Pataky
  • A wonderfully detailed report on the Vancouver City Open, held September 28-29th, 1974
  • Harry’s Column with Harry Luck continues in its inimitable style with reports on the Super League, a plug for the upcoming Ricdmond Open
  • Len Lukey-Ott reports on the status of the V&DTT League in his column, League News
  • A powerful commentary by the editor titled, “Crack In The Woodwork” prefaces a section of Letters to the Editor that reveal possible biases in the CTTA selection committee
  • In a heartfelt open letter to the CTTA Board of Directors, Merle Baggoo describes the challenges she faces trying to represent Canada internationally
  • Chandra Madhosingh responds with his insider view
  • Art Barran, the BCTTA tournament chairman, adds his voice to the conversation
  • A powerful editorial by Eric Calveley criticizes the CTTA for apparent ineptitude
  • BCTTA president Dan Gentry announes the upcoming AGM and begs members to attend
  • Art Barran reports on a professional table tennis match between top players from BC and Washington state
  • Leslee Ward writes to LeTTers about her training in Sweden
  • BC Rankings list and PNW rankings list
  •  Art Ngai reports on the state of coach development and introduces training objectives
  • A call out to players to put more into the game than effort on the table
  • A call out by Zoltan Pataky for a team manager for the South Arm Aces
  • Chandra’s Column: junior development, summer camp and more
  • A report of the Hungarian Open at Douglas park Community Centre
  • Super League Report: from the V&DTT League’s premier division
  • Canadian Rankings list
  • BC Junior Open results
  • A call out for a new editor for the BCTTA LeTTers publication