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Unknown, unranked and unseeded, Gerry "Hawer" wins the Men's Open! Let me explain his style. Using a pimpled Barna bat, Gerry blocks "everything". He wins the point by either blocking his opponent into submission or until he receives a high enough ball, in this case Gerry unleashes his unreturnable forehand kill.

BCTTA LeTTers: November 1973

From the BCTTA Archives is this edition of the BCTTA LeTTers publication from November of 1973 featuring cover story on a table tennis stranger who arrives in town to dominate the competition at the Hungarian Open. This publication is another example of how, in a pre-digital age, players and officials contributed openly to a larger conversation regarding the local table tennis scene through these newsletters. Inside are:

  • An unorthodox, unranked, unseeded and unknown hirsute stranger upsets the competition
  • An open letter to readers from the publisher on the purpose of the BCTTA LeTTERs publication
  • Nancy Craig reports on the early days of table tennis in Victoria
  • A reprint of Max Low’s Table Tennis Scene article on the revival of TT in Victoria
  • An editorial by Eric Calveley titled, “The Tournament Mess”
  • Leslee Ward’s pre-emptive strike at sexism in the sport of table tennis
  • A letter from BCTTA president Dan gentry on the appalling lack of response following a call-out for volunteers for tournaments
  • Letters: A smooch-fest between publishers Tim Bogan of USTTA’s Table Tennis Topics and Eric and Beth Calveley, publishers of the visually alliterative BCTTA LeTTers newsletter
  • Roland Bourassa shares his unusual approach for acquiring sponsorship from financial institutions
  • Recreation director Greg Eng extends a welcome to new players to join Strathcona Community Centre’s table tennis club
  • Eric Calveley’s satyrical editorial on “Bats and Rubbers” and how blue makes all the difference
  • Harry Luck’s League report
  • The V&DTT League standings
  • Dan Riley opines on rubber cleaning agents
  • Hugh Ward reports on BC Juniors showing their stuff on TV and in a store near you!
  • Tournament report: Rose City Open in Portland