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Communications Director leaves BCTTA Board

The current BCTTA Communications Director, William Vrabel, has decided to not to run for re-election at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on September 17. Mr. Vrabel was responsible for the look and initial content of the new BCTTA website as a paid assignment, and he has remained on as a volunteer to write all of the interesting posts since the website launched in late December 2022. Needless to say, his work as an editor and our first communications director will be missed. While he will no longer write posts and contribute content, Mr. Vrabel will remain on as our webmaster to ensure everything continues to work properly at the BCTTA website.

How will this affect communications and the BCTTA website?

  • The BCTTA website:
    The BCTTA website may change to reflect a narrower range of interests with fewer topics covered. This may change when a new communications director takes over the role.
  • Communications:
    Communications, such as responses to contact form submissions, will be unavailable or delayed until a new communications director is in place.
  • Newsletter:
    Our quarterly newsletter will not be compiled and emailed to our subscribers until a new director is in place.