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Above header image: the venue for the 2018 BC Elementary and High Schools Table Tennis Championships, the last year both events were held at the same time

The BC Table Tennis Association Presents

BC Elementary Schools Table Tennis Championships 2023

From 12pm Sunday, December 3 at Bridgeport Sports Club, 11660 Bridgeport Rd.

Dr. Chandra Madhosingh with young competitor at the last BC Elementary Schools Championships he organized in 2018

The BC Elementary Schools Table Tennis Championships is one of the oldest tournaments in the province. Like the BC Secondary Schools table Tennis Championships (BCSSTTC), the BC Elementary Schools Table Tennis Championships has been an annual occurrence for nearly 50 years. Both annual events were created by Dr. Chandra Madhosingh, often described as the father of BC table tennis. Chandra worked tirelessly to build the sport from the grass roots level by introducing the sport to elementary and high school curriculums. The passing of Chandra in December 2022 and several years of disruption from the global pandemic has lead to a huge reduction in table tennis participation at the elementary school level. Sponsor teachers have retired. Schools have lost tables and programs. Children who are passionate about the sport and their families have had to pursue the sport outside of school by joining clubs or turning to community centres which often have at least one table tennis table.

In recognition of this significant loss of momentum and people-power, the BCTTA is taking on the task of organizing and hosting this year’s return of the BC Elementary Schools Table Tennis Championships. However, unlike previous years where schools nurtured and entered teams, this year’s tournament will NOT feature the popular team event. This year’s events will include:

Singles: DIV I – Grades 7 and 6 Boys/Girls
Singles: DIV II – Grades 4 and 5 Boys/Girls
Singles: DIV III – Grades 3 and under Boys/Girls
Open Doubles – Grades 6 and 7
Open Doubles – Grades 5 and under

We encourage all interested children to bring this tournament to the attention of your elementary schools. We also invite elementary students and teachers to attend the tournament, both to support your kids and to see what a great sport competitive table can be for young people. Beginning to play table tennis in childhood can bring a lifetime of rewards.

Tournament Entry Form

The entry form is no longer available, the deadline was Nov 27, 5:00 pm. If you have any inquires about this tournament, please send an E-mail to "bcttatournament@gmail.com". Thanks! .

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