Gym Rentals

The Board of Directors agreed to endorse and adopt guidelines for gym rentals as follows:-

Bidding process:
Notices are to be sent to all recognized venues to bid for the holding of tournaments and team training. This bidding process is an annual event.
A list of proposed tournaments will be sent to all applicants.
Commencement date of team squad training usually starts in September and ends in July of the following year.
Actual commencement date is negotiable.

Current recognized venues are:
(a) Bridgeport Sports Club, Richmond.
(b) River Club, Richmond
(c) Greater Vancouver Table Tennis Club, Vancouver.
(d) Vancouver Table Tennis Club. Vancouver.
(e) Killarney Table Tennis Club. Vancouver.
(f) Richmond Oval

(h) Britannia Secondary School. Vancouver.
(i) Templeton Secondary School. Vancouver.
(j) Cambie Secondary School. Richmond.
(k) McNair Secondary School. Richmond.
(l) A.R. McNeill Secondary

(l ) Lighting must be similar to ITTF approved ratings.
(2) Must have washroom and shower facilities for both males and females.
(3) Proof of third party liability insurance.
(4) Must have back door exit.
(5) Must have approved sprinkler system.
(6) Flooring should be of wood-type or other ITTF approved material.
(7) Tables must be adequately spaced.
(8) Ceiling height of gym must not be less than 9 feet.
(9) Adequate parking is available.

For Team Squad training:
(10) Minimum number of tables required is eight (8).
All tables must be ITTF approved.
(11) Number of days per week : 4 days.
(12) Number of hours per session : 3 hours.
(13) Admission per athlete must not be more than $5,00 each per session.
(14) Admission fees for coaching staff is waived.
(15) Hours of training sessions : 4.30pm to 7.30pm.
Actual day to be negotiated.

For tournaments:
(13) Minimum number of tables :-8 – 10.
All tables must be ITTF approved.
(14) Dates available must be both Saturday and Sunday
on the same weekend.
(15) Rental to be negotiated.

Selection Panel:
The board of directors will review all applications.
The successful applicant will be the one that meets all or most of the aforementioned requirements.
Written notice will be forwarded to the successful applicant at least one month in advance of commencement date.
Commencement date is to be negotiated.

Either party, the BCTTA or the venue operator can give one month notice for termination without cause.