Coaching Staff Hiring Criteria

The Board of Directors agreed to endorse and adopt guidelines for the hiring of squad coaching staff as follows:-

Advertisement is to be placed in not less than one English and one Chinese language newspapers.

Job Description
It is mandatory that team squad coaching staff be guided by the Mission of the B.C.T.T.A. and by its values and principles, with commitment to the following:
1. Pursuing excellence through ethical means
2. Demonstrating fair play, dedication, enthusiasm and punctuality
3. Establishing effective communication
4. Providing gender equity within the training program
5. Paying attention to safety precautions for all activities (EAP)
6. Be accountable to the B.C.T.T.A. Board of Directors through the Coaching Director and/or the President or a designated person.

In cooperation with the B.C.T.T.A. Coaching Director, the Coaching Coordinator is expected but not limited to:
1. Ensure an athlete–centered approach to coaching
2. Analyze and record the progress of team athletes
3. Utilize current skill development to enable table tennis athletes to realize their full potential
4. Use effective and various biomechanical skill enhancement
5. Execute the best coaching decisions during competition
6. Develop appropriate training plans to include physical and mental training for the athletes
7. Establish motivation and discipline to provide pathways to lead athletes toward their highest possible achievement and to improve their human quality
8. Help athletes and fellow coaches to develop a positive relationship toward officials and other athletes and coaches
9. Plan effective teaching strategies appropriate to the age and sex of the athletes involved
10. Encourage the sharing of information to include athletes, parents, volunteers and Board members
11. Allow time for seminars e.g. environment changes, nutrition, recovery and regeneration, strength training, medical checks
12. Give input and feedback for the YPI and the LTAD models
13. Hold regular evaluation meetings with athletes and parents, fellow coaching staff and the Coaching Director
14. Must be able to travel for the delivery of clinics and out of province tournaments.
15. All coaching staff are required to practice with Junior BC Team members during training sessions.

1. NCCP Level 2 certification or higher.
or CBET Part A and Part B.
2. Local / International coaching experience.

Coaching staff  (the Employee) is hired as a Self Employed Contractor.
All statutory deductions are the responsibilities of the Employee.
Employment is seasonal: from September 1st to July 31st of the following year.

Hourly rate is between $20.00 to $25.00 depending on qualifications and experience.

Performance Review:
Probation period is three months.
The board of directors will perform a review once every three (3) months.

The Employer (BCTTA) or the Employee (the coaching staff ) can give two weeks notice to terminate the service.

Selection Panel:
By the Board of Directors.
The successful applicant will be notified in writing one month prior to commencement of employment.
Starting date is subject to negotiations.

Selection Criteria:
The successful applicants will be the ones that meet all or most of the aforementioned requirements.

Suucessful applicants must be available for a minimum of 6 days per week
2½ - 3 hours each day.  Four of these are weekdays after 4.00pm

BCTTA Membership:
The successful applicant(s) is required to be a member of the BCTTA.

Adopted  April 2006
Amended April 2008