B.C. Athletes

A. Rules:
1. When BCTTA players are selected to represent Team B.C. or the National or Inter-National teams, they are expected to obey the Athletes’ Code of Conduct.
2. If there are training sessions before any designated tournaments, all selected members must attend them.
3. All athletes must respect their coaches and officials, and are expected to support other B.C. players
4. At tournaments like the National Championships, National Team Challenge and those where it is specified, when B.C. players have to play against one another there shall be NO COACHING, whatsoever.
5. Players represent B.C. as a team and are expected to wear the team uniform.  All doubles pairs must ensure that they wear matching uniform.
6. All players must respect the curfew at camps and tournaments.

B. Consequences:
For those players who break the above rules –

1. The player has to return the B.C.T.T.A. subsidy for  Training and the Competition,
2. The player will not be considered for selection for the following year