2019 Rotary Seniors Table Tennis Tournament—Entry List

tournament note

  • Only shorts and T-shirts are allowed to be worn during matches unless consent is given by the tournament referees. Colour of playing shirt should not be white.
  • Non-marking shoes must be worn in gym and street shoes are not allowed.
  • Please arrive on time at Saturday 8:45 am, open Ceremony will be started at 9:00 am.
  • LUNCH BREAK 12:30pm. to 1:00pm.
10:00 AM.
Age 60-69 Men’s Singles
  1. CHOU, Kang Qiu (BC)
  2. CHOW, Timmy (BC)
  3. HAMM, Ernie (BC)
  4. HARADA, Yukihiro (BC)
  5. HSIEH, Dean (BC)
  6. LAU, Bill (BC)
  7. LEE, Cho Sheung (BC)
  8. LEE, Henry (BC)
  9. LU, Sean (BC)
  10. MCLENNAN, John C. (BC)
  11. SU, David (BC)
  12. SU, Pedro (BC)
  13. SUN, Shen Lin (BC)
  14. TABATA, Hideo (BC)
  15. TASNG, Kevin (BC)
  16. TSANG, Vincent (BC)
  17. WONG, Paul (BC)
  18. YEUNG, Allen (BC)
  19. ZHANG, Wei Lin (BC)
11:15 AM.
Age 70+ Women’s Singles 
  1. WOO, Wilhelmina (BC)
  2. YEN, Elaine (BC)
  3. YEUNG, Elaine (BC)
  4. ZHANG, Fan Shun (BC)
11:15 AM.
Age 50-59 Men’s Singles 
  1. CHEN, David (BC)
  2. KHAITOR, Iouqi (BC)
  3. KOON, Desmond (BC)
  4. LIU, John (BC)
  5. LOK, Wally (BC)
  6. PAM, Brian (BC)
  7. SNEG, Jacob (BC)
  9. VAGUINE, Andrei (BC)
1:00 PM.
Age 70+ Men’s Singles
  1. CHEUNG, Eric (BC)
  2. CHOI, Paul (BC)
  3. COLEMAN, Arn (BC)
  4. DUMLER, Michael George (BC))
  5. HSIEH, James (BC)
  6. IU, Dominic (BC)
  7. JANG, Norman (BC)
  8. KWOK, Manson (BC)
  9. LEON, Jason (BC)
  10. MANSBRIDGE, Francis (BC)
  11. NGUAN, Stanley (BC)
  12. WONG, Don (BC)
  13. YE, Xiu Yong (BC)
  14. YUEN, Benny (BC)
  15. YUEN, Stephen (BC)
  16. ZHANG, Xiao Gang (BC)
2:15 PM.
Age 50-59 Women’s Singles
  1. GONG, Lesley (BC)
  2. LOU, Clara (BC)
  3. SHAO, Florence (BC)
  4. TANG, Ming Hui (BC)
  5. TANG, Nancy Suyan (BC)
  6. ZHENG, Wendy (BC)
2:15 PM.
Age 60-69 Women’s Singles
  1. CHEN, Qui Lan (BC)
  2. LAU, Beryl (BC)
  3. LOCKE, Natalie (BC)
  4. NG, Pauline (BC)
  5. NG, Ruby (BC)
  6. WONG, Georgina (BC)
  7. XIE, Sophie (BC)
  8. YU, Hui Ping (BC)

2019 CANADA Games —BC Medals List (Table Tennis)

Congratulations to:

Women's Team Won the Gold Medal


  • HUI, Patrina (BC)
  • NIE, Fiona J.Y. (BC)
  • ZHOU, Benita (BC)

Men's Team Won the Bronze Medal


  • JIANG, Kenny (BC)
  • LIN, David Hong (BC)
  • WANG, Steve Y. (BC)

Women's Doubles Won the Gold Medal


  • Benita ZHOU (BC) / Fiona J.Y. NIE (BC)

Men's Doubles Won the Silver Medal


  •  Kenny JIANG (BC) / Steve Y. WANG (BC)

Mixed Doubles


  • David Hong LIN (BC) / Patrina HUI (BC) — 5th Place

Men's Singles


  • Steve Y. WANG (BC) — Silver Medal
  • David Hong LIN (BC) — Bronze Medal
  • Kenny JIANG (BC) — 5th Place

Women's Singles


  • Benita ZHOU (BC) — Gold Medal
  • Patrina HUI (BC) — 4 place
  • Foina J.Y. NIE (BC) — 6th Place

2019 CANADA GAMES— Red Deer

2019 Canadian Senior Championships

Please view the revised prospectus of 2019 Canadian Senior National Championships held in Markham, Toronto.

No team event at this time.

Provincial organization has priority of nomination 4 players per catagory.

Please send email to bcttatournament@gmail.com, if you are interested to participate.

Nomination list will be ranked by current TTCAN racking points.

Deadline to BC Players is Jan 30, 2019.