About Table Tennis

One of the largest participation sports in the world, table tennis is popular due to its appeal to males and females of all ages. Whether as a recreational activity played at a community centre, a social pastime found at a club, or a competitive sport played at school, individuals can be selective in their personal choice of activity.

World-wide acceptance is now evident as 226 countries are members of the International Table Tennis Federation. To attest to the  overwhelming size of the sport, the World Championships of Table Tennis is the largest single sport competition, in terms of number of participating countries.

In 1971, the sport of table tennis gained worldwide prominence during the era of “Ping Pong Diplomacy” when the Canadian team was extended an invitation to become the first foreigners to visit the People’s Republic of China after Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

The Table Tennis Canada (formerly known as Canadian Table Tennis Association) was formed in the 1930’s. With the objective of the enhancing the development of the sport both at the National and Provincial levels. In 1947 a new constitution was written, B.C.T.T.A. was established in 1959-60.

From its humble beginning with the inaugural competition, at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1936, the sport of table tennis has evolved to the organization of provincial and regional competitions, annual National Championships, and its inclusion in Canada Winter Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan Am Games and now a core sport in the Olympic Games since 1988. Do you know the Technical parameter for the 40mm ball?

  • Strong loop drive about 157 rev./sec.
  • Strong underspin about 111 rev./sec.
  • Strong sidespin about 83 rev./sec.
  • Advanced players can “kill” the ball to a speed of 35m/sec. And the receiver has to receiver has to react in 1/10 second or less.

Whether competing at the International level or in local tournaments the table tennis athlete requires excellent physical, emotional and mental fitness, superior reaction time and muscle coordination.

An Olympic sport featuring a combination of explosive quickness and deceptive spin.

Table Tennis has always encouraged the participation of both sexes, even during the 19tj century in England, and almost unthinkable suggestion at the time. This tradition has continued even until today, where a unique computer rating system stimulates the participation of men and women together in a mixed setting.